Torn between two blogs

I established this blog at the beginning of this school year as a way to reach out to the families of my students and engage them in discussions about technology as a learning tool.  I have gotten very warm feedback from some parents, but I’m not quite ready to claim that I’ve heard from enough of my parents.  I would love to hear from more, but I respect each parent’s right to keep abreast of their student’s learning in their own way.

As a professional educator, I also hope this blog attracts a broader readership of like-minded teachers, technologists, and ed. leaders with whom I engage as part of a Personal Learning Network on Twitter.  I use Twitter daily to share articles and blog posts about current educational practice and it has been a true inspiration to me.  I marvel at the quality and volume of Tweets and blog posts of my colleagues in my PLN and, while looking at the time stamps on most posts, I notice that lots of us work long hours into the evening and rise early in the morning to pursue this passion for sharing ideas about trends, methods, and new technologies via Twitter and on our blogs.

But at times I feel like I’m not worthy.

Up until Thanksgiving week, I faithfully posted once a week and, though it added one evening of extra work to my already full plate, I looked at that work as a labor of love.  Now that I’m sitting here and seeing what I’m writing, I admit that I still feel that way about it.

So what have I been doing in the past two weeks?

Well, I’ve been cheating on the teachingcontext and giving my attention and my love to a new blog. I apologize for the adultery metaphor, but I’m currently reading Arthur Miller’s The Crucible with one of my junior classes and so that’s why adultery is on my mind.  My wife can rest easy!

My new blog is not a competitor to this one in content, though it does compete for my precious time.

I am quite proud of it and I will tell you that it is going to explode (figuratively) in the next couple of weeks because I am asking my sophomores to author posts on it.

So please check out my other blog and keep visiting it often to see the kind of content students are creating on the rival blog.

My latest post is an assignment for students called The Prominent African Project.

My hope is that you too will be torn between two blogs!


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