The American Dream Project

Ever since I started this blog, I wanted it to be a place to engage parents in the discussions we are having in the classroom.  That has been a challenge because I teach three different classes and I chose to write about topics that applied to all three cohorts of parents.  I have written here about what my sophomores are doing with technology and have linked to our Modern Global Communities blog.  What I’d like to do here, is showcase a project that some of my juniors have recently completed.

I’m going to try to embed as much here on this page as possible, so I can keep you here!  But I will have to also link to content that I cannot embed.  Please feel free to leave your comments!

As you know, we read The Great Gatsby in April.  If you would like to refresh your memory of this book, before the new movie comes out, please click around my Pinterest board dedicated to Gatsby.

The essential questions for the project are:

  • ­What is the American Dream?
  • How is the American Dream portrayed in art and popular culture?
  • How can the American Dream be oppressive and liberating at the same time?

Students were asked to develop a thesis that thoughtfully addresses at least two of the essential questions and then to support their thesis by analyzing The Great Gatsby and two other genres of American Art from the 20th Century.  Students were given creative license to create their own art and create conversations around the idea of the American Dream.

Here’s what students did:

A student blog, by Alex and Eric, with the following embedded interviews:

Several Prezis: (I can’t figure out how to embed the prezis here, so I will link to them on our class edmodo site.)

Oliver’s Prezi

Monica’s & Marissa’s Prezi

Monica T’s Prezi

Josh’s Prezi

Rowan’s Prezi

A bunch of PowerPoints:

Gabe’s  the_american_dream presentation:

Vinh-Hop’s presentation:

Kanika’s presentation:

I have figured out how to embed the Powerpoints, by converting them using  I was not able to embed the Prezi’s so I hope I did not lose you once you clicked on a link to one of the Prezis. I also encountered problems converting some of the Powerpoints done on Google Drive to Slideshare….so the quest continues!

I have a couple of posters, so my next challenge is to take photos and upload the photos of the posters!

Here are Sophia’s and Samantha’s posters:

photo_cen_388502681_4332752 photo_cen_388502664_1266342



One thought on “The American Dream Project

  1. Michelle Carn

    This has given me a lot of great ideas! I really wanted to do something along the lines of an “American Dream Project” and your samples have inspired me! Thank you!

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