in the pipeline

photograph by Nathan Smith
photograph by Nathan Smith

As the end of the school year approaches, teachers start to panic about whether it will be possible to cover all the required material.  Students worry if they will be ready for final exams.  Parents hope that everything turns out ok and seek confirmation wherever they can find it.

I wanted to write a brief update to let parents know what we’re up to and how they can help.

My juniors are finishing reading Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild and will be writing diligently in the weeks to come.  The writing is personal, reflective writing and the forum is public. They are writing from the heart for a wider audience about finding oneself through solitude, reading, and reflective writing.

You can help by checking out our project blog, reading through the requirements, clicking through the student blogs, and trying to find your student’s blog.  Then you can initiate a dialogue with your student about their ideal trip and what they hope to learn about themselves on this virtual journey.

Junior SAM students are finishing Into the Wild this week and starting on their blog project next week, when I will set them up with their own blogs.  You can talk to your student about his/her journal and ideas for the trip.  Please let me know if he/she reports that he/she might need some extra support.

Sophomores have been reading some great books:  Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, & The Reluctant Fundamentalist.  Here’s a link to our group page on Goodreads.  Students wrote an in-class synthesis essay, one of the capstone skills of sophomore year, that uses evidence from two or three texts to support an original insight.

As we head toward our final Globalization Project, students will be intensely reviewing grammar while reading short stories by Bharati Mukerjee, Jhumpa Lahiri & Salman Rushdie.

If you would like to read about the interdisciplinary Globalization Project, click here to visit our MGC edublog.

You can support your student by asking him/her to explain the project and his/her role in the group.  He/she should also be able to show your the group blog and what they’ve done this year on their group “watch” blogs.

I apologize for not keeping in better contact!  I’ve found it a challenge to keep this blog updated while also getting the other class blogs up and running smoothly.  I hope you bookmark those sites, visit often, and please leave comments!

Thanks, as always, for your wonderful support!