How to receive tweets as text messages

Parents of teenagers have their hands full!  You constantly walk the line between giving your kid freedom and keeping an eye on him/her.  Many parents worry over whether to or how to monitor their kid’s usage of social media.  If your kid is using Twitter and you would like to monitor his/her tweets, you don’t have to be a registered user of Twitter to do so.

If you have a mobile phone, have a text messaging plan, and know your kid’s twitter handle or name, simply enter the following number as the recipient of your text: 40404.  That’s the short code for Twitter on all major wireless carriers in the US. Then type the word “Follow” and then their Twitter handle.  Hit send.  Here’s what it will look like if you are using an iPhone:

SMS Twitter Follow


Be ready for a flood of tweets!  If you quickly run up to your text messaging limit, you can text the “stop” and then when your new cycle starts, you can text the word “start” to resume monitoring tweets.

If you are reading this post and are not located in the US, you can visit this page to find your country short or long code to receive tweets as SMS.


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