Chinese colleagues visit NAHS

Today we were lucky enough to host a small group of teachers from Beijing No. 35 High School.  Their trip was arranged by our partners at The Confucius Institute at Bryant University.  Special thanks to Geoff Burgess, Catherine Marcotte, Don Johnson, Jack Johnson, Alan Senecal, Erin McDavitt, Deirdre Healey, Laurie Henderson, Andrew Ferguson, Allison Jewell, Jen O’Brien, Carrie Rushlow, Alex Hatzberger,  Jeremy Thornton, Diane McKamy and Yvonne Levesque.

Agenda for Teachers from Beijing High School #35 visit to NAHS

Team 1: 1 Math  & 3 Science Teachers  (Mr. Burgess & Mrs. Marcotte Leaders)

Team 2:  6 English Teachers (Mr. Scozzaro Team Leader)

Team 3: 1 Geography & 3 Chinese Teachers (Mr. Don Johnson & Mr. Jack Johnson Leaders)

Day One:  Tuesday 1/21/14

7:30  Arrival & Welcome

7:35—7:45  Auditorium:  NAHS Movie

7:45—8:00 Brief Tour:  Gym, Main Office, Guidance, Cafeteria—Meet team leaders

8:05—8:42  Observation of period 2 classes (Team 1 to visit Science class; Team 2 to visit Spanish II class; Team 3 to visit English class)

8:46—9:23 Observation of period 3 classes (Team 1 to visit Math class; 1 team to visit French 2 class; Team 3 to visit History class)

*9:23—9:30 Coffee Break in café

9:30—10:08 Walkthroughs of period 4 classes (brief visits to a variety of classrooms) (Mr. Johnson & Mr. Burgess)

*10:12—10:49  Library: Question & Answer session with teachers, Department Heads, counselors, & students

11:00—11:15 Visit music room to observe rehearsals

*11:25—12:05 Lunch in the cafeteria with teachers and students

12:15 Departure  

Our colleagues from Beijing #35 High School were very impressed with the level of engagement, the curiosity, and the enthusiasm of all the students they observed in their visits to classrooms.  They were also in awe of discipline and the commitment to the creative process that they saw in Mr. Couture’s Concert Choir and Mr. Rizzo’s Symphonic Band.  In their discussions with teachers here, our visitors took note of just how heavy a full-time teaching load is here,  as well our inclusive approach to teaching all students.

If you would like an opportunity to meet our visitors, they will be returning on Thursday. Teachers and staff are welcome to attend any of the events on the agenda:

Day Two: Thursday, 1/23/14

9:00  Arrival & Greeting (Mr. Holcomb)

*9:15—10:00  Library: Presentations by Department/Discipline (North teachers present to visitors on HS curriculum & teaching & learning by discipline)

*10:00-10:30 Presentation by visiting teachers about High School #35

*10:30—10:45 Round table discussion (visitors , leadership team, & teachers)

*11:15—12:15 Lunch w Faculty & Staff offered by PTO in Teacher room

12:15 Departure

*All Teachers are invited to attend & participate

We are very proud of our teachers and our students here at North and grateful for the school culture that they help create!

In our discussions, Mr. Huang from Beijing HS #35 expressed an interest in building a relationship with North Attleboro High that would allow for eventual exchanges that would give students and teachers from North a chance to study/teach at Beijing HS #35.  We are grateful for our relationship with the Confucius classroom at Bryant University!

Mr. Kongli Liu, Mr. Peng Huang, Mr. Holcomb & Mr. Scozzaro
Mr. Kongli Liu, Mr. Peng Huang, Mr. Holcomb & Mr. Scozzaro

Chinese visit 2 Chinese visit 3



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