Philosophy of Educational Leadership

I have based my career on my core beliefs that the most powerful kind of learning happens when educators work carefully to create engaging, real-world contexts in which students push themselves to think critically and creatively to solve problems.  I believe that an effective classroom has a dedicated professional teacher who fosters a community of learners where all members are valued for who they are, all voices are appreciated and all points of view are considered as they engage with the big ideas of the course.  I believe that an effective school is committed to self-reflection and continual improvement, especially related to the most vulnerable students.  I believe that school leadership is at its best when it seeks consensus, is transparent in word and deed, and is guided by what is in the best interest of students.  I believe that our job as educators is to help students discover their passion, acquire knowledge and develop the skills that will serve them well on their paths towards being full, active citizens of our democratic society.

Leadership of Student Body

  • Support/foster rich program of co-curriculars and encourage active participation
  • Work directly with student leaders to encourage service, participation and coordinated planning of major events
  • Team approach to ensure that code of conduct is enforced in a consistent and equitable manner
  • Be visible and accessible to students in classrooms, during lunch, before and after school and on social media

Leadership of Curriculum and Program

  • Work collaboratively with department leaders to ensure program of studies aligns with district strategic plan
  • Work directly with teachers to build structures that support all learners with innovative & engaging content that is relevant and prepares them for transitions to next grade level
  • Work closely with special education department to ensure services are delivered in compliance with the law
  • Work closely with Guidance to ensure that all students have access to multi-tiered system of supports; that the we provide timely and effective support for our most vulnerable students; that we are in compliance with 504s
  • Support & strengthen programs that support our most vulnerable students

Leadership of PD

  • Ensure that professional development for staff is aligned with district strategic plan
  • Team approach that involves listening to teachers to plan out long-term goals, yearly goals so that PD is focused and feels authentic
  • Encourage and support teacher collaboration both within and across departments
  • Allow for choice
  • Build culture of self-reflection, continual improvement


  • Invite stakeholders to meet and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the school to build a collaborative, inclusive vision
  • Consistently publish a blog to keep all stakeholders in the loop, to celebrate achievements, to enlist support and participation from students, parents and the community
  • Explore existing structures to foster collaborative leadership among students and staff; look to build structures that meet regularly to give input and advice to guide decision-making
  • Ask for feedback informally and formally
  • Maintain a presence on social media to engage students, parents, staff and the community
  • Ensure through consistent regular outreach that minority communities (students from Boston, Gay-straight alliance) within the school have a voice in collaborative decision-making

Leadership Safety & Security

  • Work as part of a team including town public safety officials to review of safety and security procedures
  • Review, revise and implement updated bullying and harassment plan, including updated reporting protocols
  • Review, revise and implement updated safety and security plan in conjunction with district leadership team
  • Review, revise and implement updated emergency communication systems with building and district leadership teams
  • Ensure that all students & staff are aware of and prepared in all procedures regarding emergency evacuation, shelter-in-place & lockdown
  • Build culture of “See something, say something” and “worry early and report” to ensure that safety is top priority of everyone in the community
  • Review, revise & implement threat assessment protocol among a school/building-wide crisis team

Teacher Evaluation

  • Belief that evaluation is a constructive process to support teacher growth
  • Key belief is that evaluation is a partnership based on mutual respect, assuming good intentions and understanding that excellent teachers develop through hard work, examining their practice and welcoming feedback

Building Culture

  • Focus on SEL best practices in classroom and relationship building
  • Collaborate with teachers to build culture of continual improvement and self-reflection;
  • Celebrate positive contributions of all students
  • Model Growth Mindset
  • Build culture of excellence for all students